Pat...with all due respect, this article was definitely not written with you in mind. As you stated, "you have been married for 28 years". It seems that you must have a successful marriage or I hope you would not be married for this length of time.

For those of us who have struggled in this arena, which it seems you have NOT, there are certain things that I have personally discovered to be helpful in order to break my own patterns and beliefs systems. It makes perfect sense that none of my articles would make any sense to you simply because you have not struggled in this area.

For those of us who have had difficulty, this makes a lot of sense and needless to say I am living proof that it works!! I BROKE THE CYCLE!! That is what this series is about. Helping people to break their cycle of dysfunctional dating and being pro-active about it.

You advice, although well meaning, does not hold weight with someone like myself. You have been married for 28 years and have NOT been out there dating!!